NTT DATA is built on a culture of innovation. That’s why we continue to push boundaries and explore possibilities for new technologies through various global initiatives, including our Open Innovation Contest. This global program, started in 2014, is designed to encourage and support startups and help companies overcome specific technology and societal challenges. Today, the contest spans dozens of cities in more than 20 countries. Winners of this contest can access our network and research and development leaders to fine tune their innovations.

Likewise, the Hackathon, a one-of-a-kind collaboration between our team members and engineering students across multiple colleges in India, seeks impactful, technology-driven solutions to solve real-life social problems like floods, pollution, weather change, traffic congestion and more. It’s a demonstration of our ongoing commitment, having invested billions of dollars in research and development and innovation for more than 20 years.

Our Go-To Innovation Techniques

Explore Gartner’s Innovation Case Study to learn about NTT DATA’s innovation approaches, including managing customer needs, developing talent and fostering a culture for innovation.


Innovation Initiatives

We push the boundaries of technology and business with various platforms that support and fund innovation around the world.


Our annual Open Innovation Contest features startup businesses and promotes innovative technologies to make the world a better place


A collaboration between our team members and engineering students across colleges in India fosters meaningful technology-driven solutions


We predict technology trends that will impact businesses over the next three to 10 years, and we publish these findings annually for our clients

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See why our regional Open Innovation contests spark ideas, collaboration and change.


NTT DATA invests $3.6B in R&D to bring digital to life for our clients leveraging intelligent automation, customer experience, data & intelligence, IT optimisation, cybersecurity and IoT.

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A Win for Health won our 10th Open Innovation Contest. The team created a solution that measures overall health and wellness using a smartphone video to analyse a person's cheek.


Where Ideas Come to Life

Sharpen your perspective and shape a new reality at our
Collaboration Centre. This immersive, in-person experience
features interactive, synergetic technologies and design
thinking to help your ideas become reality.


Success Stories

Companies that let inventive thinking push the boundaries will transform the way they do business. We love being part of that journey.

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