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Developing a successful social media program through tailored consulting

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Maximise Your Social Media Efforts

Executing the right social media efforts can be challenging. Our interactive Social Media Workshops help guide your team through the complex and ever-changing social media environment.


Add Social Insights to Your Business Strategy

Social media impacts every part of your business, which is why employing social media insights throughout the organisation is vital. To be successful, you must align social media and business goals. NTT DATA can help you eliminate the guesswork when executing a social media strategy. Our experienced team of digital experts will help you outline a course of action to take your social media approach to the next level. We advise on everything from overall program strategy to measuring effectiveness.

We listen, clarify and then move forward to help you create the best possible solution for your business. Our workshops guide your team through the complex and ever-changing social media environment. Regardless of where your organisation is in its journey, we will help ensure you get the most value from your social media presence. Let’s get started today.

Our social media training programs are tailored to your specific standards and business needs.  

Our Services

Employee Advocacy Courses

Outline an employee training program by establishing goals, identifying and learning how to mitigate risks, and creating a governance process.

Listening & Insights Courses

Provide an overview of the key components to create a social listening strategy, including strategic alignment with overall business goals.

Organisational Leadership Courses

Get to the heart of executives’ concerns by providing a thorough understanding of social media for business benefits and challenges.

Strategy Building Courses

Build a robust, vibrant social community that supports business goals while meeting the needs of customers and followers.