Regulatory Compliance

Balance business performance and ensure compliance while managing risk

Centralization That Improves Compliance and Reduces Risk

Audits and regulations are on the rise, and legacy systems make it difficult to meet the ever-changing requirements. Successful financial services and insurance firms respond to the challenge by modernizing core systems and centralizing business processes. Integrated and web-enabled systems deliver greater levels of network- and host-based security protection to ensure availability and ward off cyberthreats while delivering outstanding results.

We’ve helped thousands of financial services and insurance companies both implement compliance solutions and manage security services that improve their ability to address regulatory requirements. Our cost-effective options seamlessly integrate business systems across multiple platforms and technologies to assist with compliance and reduce risk. From anti-money laundering solutions to big data analysis and business intelligence, we can help resolve all your compliance challenges.

Thousands of banks and insurance carriers have come to us for both compliance solutions and managed security services that help address complex regulatory requirements.

Key Benefits

Our approach to improving regulatory compliance begins with implementing modern technologies and integrated systems to centralize and streamline processes that better enable you to meet regulatory requirements.

Offering Details

Across the globe, regulators and central banks have increased the focus on stringent processes pertaining to new customer due diligence, screening and anti-money laundering investigation. Their goal is to identify the real source of funds and overall risk exposure to prevent terrorist financing, identity theft and financial fraud.

A critical component is how you perform customer onboarding or Know Your Customer (KYC). A secure, web-based solution, KYC in a Box is available for both front- and back-office operations and designed for easy integration with customer relationship management applications.

The complete managed solution includes an initial customer screening/due diligence, onboarding and alerts and reporting. You will also benefit from exception management and remediation and a contact center for ongoing support and data analytics.
Regulatory Compliance