Rewire Your Business During Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures


Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures done right, can help you enter new markets quickly, diversify your business and grow. But they are notoriously complex. We take complexity out of the equation by going beyond integrating your people, processes and technology, and handling the more nuanced challenges of managing the programme, mitigating risk and helping people embrace change. Decades of M&A experience have also taught us how to reduce downtime, while saving costs with IT integration and optimisation and above all, accelerating business transformation successfully.

We rationalised the IT systems of a national healthcare organisation and established a platform for future growth with zero downtime. We also helped a global industrial equipment provider reduce software licence costs by 30%, while helping them achieve all their transitional service agreement (TSA) milestones. As you continuously reinvent your business through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, we’re here to help turn the complicated into the completed. We start with a solid blueprint, help you set smart goals and manage risks and ensure robust execution every step of the way.

CIOs Lead the Way

There’s nothing easy about mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. And because technology drives nearly every organisation today, the chief information officer plays a vital role in ensuring business continuity, helping employees manage transition and positioning a new organisation for success. Our POV paper explores this new reality – and the inevitable hurdles you’ll need to clear.


Make Complexity a Thing of the Past

We have decades of M&A experience that reaches across industries. Learn how you can benefit from our proven services and solutions.


Gain rapid understanding of your IT operations, applications and infrastructure


Minimise disruption with a comprehensive roadmap for carve out or consolidation


Establish agile new business and IT environments for immediate results

A Proven Model for
Global Acquisition

NTT DATA Services improved delivery cost structure
and drove significant improvement in annual revenue
with the successful integration of the $3 billion Dell
Services acquisition. Mergers and acquisitions are never
easy; see how we made this one as seamless as possible.

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Our Services

Analytics Services

Establish fundamental capabilities as a precursor to business intelligence and take advantage of advanced analytics capabilities.


Business Analysis Services

Get consistent, predictable project results with our award-winning Business Analysis services.


Business Consulting

Elevate performance and growth with a partner who understands the complexities of your business and the dynamics of your industry.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Enhance business insights and operational agility and maximize return on your software investment.


IT Consulting & Integration

We help clients integrate business strategies and enabling technologies to strategize for the future, implement transformative change, and run with efficiency.


Organizational Change Management

Successfully manage new business processes and boost organizational effectiveness by addressing employee needs and roadblocks.


Project Management

Energize your project management with a strategic project management office that seamlessly works with existing resources to enhance IT efficiency and reduce costs.


Playing to Win

"My team was brought in to unify the digital capabilities of the two entities and create a highly innovative digital experience for its more than 200,000 customers and 500 employees.” Learn how Alex Arnold helped a traditional retirement firm make a digital slam dunk.

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