Modernize and Leverage Your Core and Distribution Systems

Technology innovators offer consumers a friction-free, easy-to-use, mobile-accessible environment to a wide range of personalized goods and services on their platforms. But what does that mean for the insurance industry? Industry experts say that a Digital Business Platform (DBP) can help leverage core and distribution systems for success in the new digital world. DBPs enable insurers to keep pace with how customers and partners want to interact, increasing business demand for newer products and services.

Digital Platforms for Life & Annuity is a modern, agile ecosystem, that offers the insurance and annuity industry a digital third-party administration and business processing as a service. Through our API, microservices-based technology platform, life insurers now can rapidly increase efficiency, develop new innovations, and streamline the customer experience in the areas of new business and rapid new product launch, digital core modernization, in-force and closed blocks administration, group and worksite administration, data analysis and AI innovation. Let’s start the conversation.

Life and Annuity Insurers Shift Their
Digital Transformation Into High Gear

Although most insurance companies have been investing in digital transformation
over the last decade, this shift sped up significantly in 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19.
According to our new survey of life and annuity leaders, a year’s worth of digital
transformation progress was made within the first 90 days of the pandemic lockdown.
Our new in-depth research compares 2019 and 2021 peer responses, and it shares
key study findings, detailed insights and the five gears for digital acceleration in insurance.


We are collaborating with FAST to help life insurers scale innovation and improve customer experience through modern insurance TPA and BPaaS.


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Are digital business platforms still key to insurance modernization?


Digital Platforms for Life & Annuity