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Empowering individuals to take charge of their healthcare journey

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Make Population Health a Reality

Population health analytics are readily available, but many organisations are slow to adopt them. How can you put a plan in place, addressing value-based reimbursement and changes in health plan expectations?


Give Stakeholders a Comprehensive Member View

Healthcare has historically operated in a siloed system where each stakeholder has control over a certain subset of data, and sharing that data has not been easy. With the shift to value-based care initiatives, health plans and providers are looking for ways to improve patients’ health and they must collaborate seamlessly to achieve their goals. Consumer behaviour is another key component of this ecosystem. Consumers today prefer to partner with healthcare professionals instead of relying passively on them to make treatment decisions. And they expect their healthcare journey to be a connected experience.

They want quality interactions across all the channel, and they need familiar digital tools for engagement, education and a feeling of empowerment while navigating a very complex system. Successful organisations will ensure their digital strategy spans the entire healthcare ecosystem and provides flexible and agile tools to each stakeholder. See how we can help you empower all stakeholders with a flexible and customisable suite of modular self-service tools for each stage of a consumers’ healthcare journey. Implement an end-to-end suite of solutions, or take phased approach. Let’s start the engagement today.

Digital Health Consumer solutions drive success in the age of digital disruption.


Data-Driven Innovations for Digital Success

Take centre stage in connecting with consumers and all stakeholders via marketplace solutions and experience platforms.


Promote person-centreed care by empowering consumers to take ownership of their care


Improve understanding and outcomes with tools that increase engagement


Connect with consumers wherever they are throughout their healthcare journey


Personalise the consumer journey to deliver the experience consumers expect

Our Services

Analytics Platform

Increases transparency into health plan utilisation and performance, identifies health cost drivers, calculates wellness programme ROI and forecasts future costs.

Broker Connect Platform

Streamline broker processes and help clients manage enrollment and ongoing administration for their employees. Support individual and group business.

Customer Friction Factor Service

Our Customer Friction FactorSM assessment consultants help evaluate your interactions that negatively impact the customer experience.


Customer Experience Consulting

Create an improved, end-to-end experience for your customers with transparency into customer activities, pain points, emotions and needs.

Employer Engagement

Provides employee management and benefit administration, with analytics for insight into benefit plan performance and employee engagement.

Group Enrollment Marketplace

Empower brokers, employers and employees by streamlining group quoting, enrollment and ongoing administration for all group sizes.


Individual Enrollment Marketplace

Provide a data-driven, engaging shopping and enrollment experience for individuals. This multi-channel platform supports multiple products and integration into public marketplaces.


Member Engagement Platform

Personalize content delivery and transactions for consumers and health plan members. This omni-channel platform encourages members to use benefits wisely.

Payment Platform

Simplify the payment process for employers and individuals. Offer an integrated online solution that provides a customer-friendly billing experience.

Provider Engagement

A unified view of patient data from multiple systems across the continuum of care results in more informed care and effective member engagement.


Our HIPAA eligibility and claim transaction system tool processes 270 eligibility and 276 claim status requests over a secure connection.

We help you engage with consumers and all stakeholders, no matter what device they use, and deliver analytics that help you proactively connect with them for better outcomes.