Card & Payment System Optimisation

Accelerate growth, enhance security and minimise fraud

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Tap New Growth Markets and Increase Profits

Do you have plans to expand your card offerings to support new products and markets? Along with its many opportunities, a global market’s challenges include diverse regulatory environments, product variations and multiple currencies. Where you do start? We can help. We bring expertise, methodologies and tools to help you move forward with digital-era business initiatives while getting the most out of your existing products and services.

Whether targeting a new region, new technology or a competitive new product, we can help you manage the complexities of business expansion, accelerate growth, enhance security and minimise fraud. We have worked extensively with leading financial institutions to reengineer their card services. If you are ready to transform you card operations, the place to start is NTT DATA.

NTT DATA has provided card-issuing IT services to the largest players in the global card industry for nearly two decades.

Key Benefits

We help clients define and implement the core capabilities required to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving payments ecosystem. Leverage the deep and collective experience gained from working with the largest global payment providers.

Offering Details

Your card system optimisation endeavours start with card acquisition services. With years of experience working with banking customers, we help your acquisition efforts lead to success and profit. We can guide you in acquirer and merchant management and merchant commission calculation engine. And you’ll learn to re-engineer your

card transaction authorisation to streamline the process. Next, our card processing services allow you to rethink your processing efforts to improve security and reduce fraud, including clearing and settlement systems, dispute and chargeback management and network and cards scheme rule compliance. Finally, our card issuing services can transform

your card issuing programme management from end to end. We can help with programme setup, fees and charging and delinquency. We also provide guidance on cards authorisation application improvement, scripting and Smartcard chip cards. Our experts can also help in account management including cardholder management, limits and credit scoring.

Card & Payment System Optimisation