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NTT DATA is a Premier Speaking Sponsor of the WSTA Cloud-First Design: Infrastructure, Development & Operations.

This seminar addresses the practical, operational strategies to ensure your team is among those achieving cost reduction and performance improvements. Participants will learn:

  • Which cloud management, security, and integration tools are essential and which are merely “nice to have”
  • The fundamentals around key technology areas including cloud management platforms (CMP), cloud service brokers (CSB), cloud security brokers (CASB), Cloud data loss protection/prevention (DLP), DevOps and DevOps development, containers and container management, and automation
  • How to beef up cybersecurity and data governance to address the challenges posed by a cloud-first operating model
  • Insight into key infrastructure components, including software defined networking and storage and cloud-centric WAN design
  • How to optimally staff and organize to implement cloud-first initiatives
  • How to measure the success of cloud initiatives

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Premier Sponsor Presentation: “The Cultural Considerations of Moving to a Cloud-Native Environment”

9:20-9:45 a.m.

Emily Lewis-Pinnell
Vice President, Cloud Transformation, NTT DATA

Session Abstract:

Financial services organizations are adopting a DevOps culture to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of IT delivery. While the technology implications and challenges of moving to a DevOps model are well known, the cultural changes that are necessary to ensure success are even more important yet often get brushed aside. In this presentation, Emily Lewis-Pinnell, vice president of NTT DATA’s cloud portfolio, examines the right roles and mindset, organizational design of different departments, metrics for accountability and overall best-practices financial services firms must adopt to ensure success and embrace a new way of working with cloud-native environments.

Emily Lewis-Pinnell

Vice President. Cloud Portfolio


The Cultural Considerations of Moving to a Cloud-Native Environment




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