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Blockchain has the potential to radically disrupt and grow your business, and we can help you get started. As an early adopter of blockchain innovation, NTT DATA is uniquely positioned to deliver pioneering advisory and strategy services, as well as practical design, delivery and integration solutions. By enabling users to send and receive records securely and transparently, distributed ledger technologies have captured the attention of visionaries, technologists, governments and enterprises alike, and we can turn that vision into a reality.

Our experts can help you prepare and integrate blockchain with other technologies. Today, we are working with financial institutions across cryptographic ledger and distributed network, so they can integrate business strategies and technologies. We are helping healthcare companies truly connect by enabling information sharing seamlessly, securely and in real-time and supporting government organizations to improve operational efficiencies and agility for universal format and accessibility across their repositories. When it comes to blockchain, trust a certified leader.

Blockchain is the technology most likely to disrupt and transform society, says NTT DATA Public Sector CTO Shamlan Siddiqi. Find out why.


Our Services

Advisory and Strategy

Unlock blockchain’s potential for growth by charting practical transformation strategies in our design thinking workshops.


Identify, assess, develop and implement comprehensive solutions that deliver real business value.


Integrate blockchain with internal and external services including cloud, front and back-end systems, payment gateways and notarization services.

Blockchain Leadership Defined

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HfS ranked us among the Top 10 Blockchain Service Providers in its Enterprise Blockchain Services Report. – October 2018