Connecting the dots for comprehensive digital transformation

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When we work with organizations embarking on comprehensive transformation, we help them take a business-first approach and then enable a solid, but agile foundation to “connect the dots” across their people, processes, and technology to ensure success along the way.

A key step many people need to take before embarking on comprehensive transformation is to first understand the art of the possible with digital. To that end, we’ve set up a Digital Experience Studio in Plano that is used not just as a place where clients can experience the power and potential of digital technology, but also as a collaborative space. In our center, teams can experience hands-on concept design and realization, view digital use cases and team up with our experts to create their digital strategy. Organizations may send individuals from multiple business units, including sales, marketing, and operations in addition to IT, to generate ideas and foster a culture open to change.

Another tenet of comprehensive transformation is keeping the customer at the core of process definition. Organizations should start by designing or redesigning their processes based on how a customer wants to interact with them – not on how they can operate more efficiently. To achieve this, it is all about creating a persona, determining ideal customer interactions and designing your processes to meet that end. Customer journey mapping and design thinking can play important roles to this end.

Given the accelerating pace of change and global competition, agility is the only option for digital transformation. Our Digital Speed IT services help organizations reduce internal friction in areas such as product development lifecycles, while also improving digital velocity through technology-enabled measures such as cloud-based automation and collaboration.

There is great opportunity to use digital as an agent of change for comprehensive business transformation, customer transformation and revenue transformation if one takes a “connect the dots” approach. I recently had the opportunity to discuss these perspectives and more with Liz Herbert, Vice President and Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals at Forrester Research, on a webinar titled “Digital Business — Moving from Tactical to Transformative.” You can listen to a replay of our discussion here. As always looking forward to hearing your views on this topic.

Post Date: 01/12/2016