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The Power of Azure in Your Data Centre

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that combines the agility of public cloud with the performance, security, and control of private environment. Azure Stack enables new capabilities for modern applications in scenarios that cannot be met by public cloud, including edge and disconnected environments, strict compliance, security and regulated requirements. Azure Stack is the only hybrid cloud integrated system fully consistent with leading public cloud platform, and we help to address business and technical needs with Azure Stack hybrid cloud services.

This technology provides dedicated performance and security with comprehensive array of IaaS and PaaS features like virtual machine scale sets, software defined networking, identity management, containerisation and more. It opens an opportunity to modernise your applications enabling server-free computing, microservices, mobile apps and containers while streamlining development through agile DevOps practices. Learn more about Azure Stack can help your business today.

Gain New Business Benefits With Azure Stack

Build a flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure, protect existing investments, extend and integrate with legacy systems, use modern development models and DevOps on premise.


On-premise cloud solutions combine agility and innovation while managing governance, risks and costs


Hybrid cloud solutions provide efficient ways to reduce capital and operating costs


Increase security, achieve regulatory compliance, monitor and control your environment


Create new business models, services and cutting edge innovations for competitive advantage

Managed hybrid cloud services provide consistent governance, risk management and compliance across the enterprise.

Modernise Application Development Processes

Adopt an agile software development lifecycle (SDLC) with continuous deployment and integration, and integrate DevOps into the lifecycle, creating reusable Azure Resource Manager templates, as well as automated builds, tests and deployments. And use decentralised source code repository protocols like Git with a provider of your choice, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub or Bitbucket.

Create Cloud-Native Applications

Design and build for cloud and on-premises, using modern cloud platform-as-a-service capabilities, such as API apps, web apps, mobile apps, functions, queues and web jobs. Store data in SQL Server or MySQL and create flexible microservices architectures that scale with your business. Design future-proof applications that get the most out of the Azure Stack capabilities.

Move Across Platforms

Support multiple OS and development platforms, including Linux, Java, NodeJS and PHP. Use cross-platform development and SDLC tools, and container services like Kubernetes, Docker and Swarm.

Key Use Cases

NTT DATA Hybrid Cloud Services for Microsoft Azure Stack can help you explore, transform and execute the true benefits of hybrid cloud. Our experts align your business needs with your technical requirements, designing, building and deploying a solution to meet your unique goals.

We can also develop cloud-native applications or train your team in adopting DevOps practices to get the most from your Azure Stack. We can help you address edge and disconnected scenarios, modernise applications and stay compliant with changing regulations.

Our Services

Cloud Execution

Maximise hybrid cloud benefits. Proactively monitor and manage environments, collect and analyse key indicators, optimise consumption, tune performance, manage capacity, and control risks.

Discovery Services

Learn how hybrid cloud can improve your business. Explore capabilities through workshops, build scenarios and applications using guided proof of concept services and create a hybrid cloud adoption strategy.

Transformation Services

Design and implement hybrid cloud solutions. Migrate existing workloads and build cloud native applications. Transform organisation IT into agile profit centre perfectly aligned with business.

Meet regulatory, security, privacy and other specific requirements and achieve compliance in any scenario.